We want to thank everyone who contacted us by phone and email to see how the sanctuary fared during the storm! Your concern was greatly appreciated, especially while we work hard here to repair damage.

The great news is that all the animals and barns are fine!

Several trees went down—one is wedged very well in another one so we aren’t worried right now about that one. But a big one came down on the pig fence—it was repairable but it took out part of the electric fence so we had to do some work on it in the storm and shut the boy ducks in their house the night of the storm because their section of the electric fence was down. We already, chainsawed the tree to get it off the crumpled fence, bought new fencing, and fixed it. But still lots of minor tree damage to clean up just about everywhere else.

The goat kids’ yard was a quagmire and when the kids startled and ran back to their barn at the beginning of the big wind (they are like deer that way), Sammy went down and got all muddy. (For those of you who don’t know Sammy’s story—we rescued 5 goat babies in the fall and Sammy got very sick and almost died about 6 weeks ago. We have been working hard to keep him alive but he still falls down some.)

We got Sammy cleaned up and spread out hay in their yard to keep it from happening again. And of course, because we shut all their doors late in the night so the rain would not drench them, the boys pulled down their mineral feeder so that needs to be replaced. Those scamps! Always busy making work for us.

We also had to get the poor hens home because they were under the field station when the storm hit. We made sure later that they made it safe and sound onto their roosts when it got dark.

Cisco, our rescued wild mustang, had been scared for two days before the storm. He really knew it was coming. Galloping and bucking right before it hit. With Nell, our donkey, right beside him looking a whole lot like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. Annie the dairy cow was very calm and sweet as usual.

The pigs were buried in their hay and straw—so cute. They only came out to eat. And then burrowed right back into the ginormous hay/straw pile they had build while the storm was on its way.

Even the girl ducks were scared and we ended up putting them all in their houses for the night.

We didn’t see any bunnies for a few days but now they are out and eating grass like crazy!

This morning we had the nasty job of cleaning out all the mucky hay in the kids’ yard and mucking out the big barn. Soon we move on to the goat does’ yard.

We’ve got a huge pile of soaked and muddy clothes but all is well for the most part here at Sunny Meadow Sanctuary.