Hi all,

We have more good news—the so-called Lowell Goat is coming to live at Sunny Meadow Sanctuary!

We just heard from ARL—they are really happy about it and so are we.

This poor animal is so amazing—during his escape from a Tewskbury slaughterhouse on December 27th, he actually jumped off a bridge to escape from EIGHT Lowell police officers plus slaughterhouse workers. At one point TEN police cars were after him.

Ever since we began helping to get him to safety, we thought he needed a better name than the Lowell Goat. Lowell was just where he got chased the hardest by people who were going to take him back to the slaughterhouse.

We thought he needed a much more epic and heroic name.

One terrible night in early January, when we learned he was being chased by a coyote pack and it was going to be 10 below zero, we began calling him “Braveheart” here. So we are making that his name. We hope you like it.

Right now, Braveheart is terribly thin, exhausted, and afraid, and he will need to be neutered, which is always tricky with a big goat. And it will be painful and frightening for him. So please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

We will need to reinforce our existing fences and stalls to keep this incredibly smart and strong animal safe. If you would like to help Sunny Meadow with the cost of this, his rehab and forever care, please consider a donation either above to the left via PayPal or Mail:


Sunny Meadow Sanctuary
The Braveheart Fund
P.O. Box 114
Holden, MA 01520-1279

We will send you a receipt for your taxes.

For the animals,

Helen & Steve