braveheart-2Braveheart, also known as the Lowell Goat, escaped from a Tewksbury slaughterhouse on December 27th and was running and hiding and fending for himself for a month. He was chased in the bitter cold by the police, slaughterhouse personnel, and at least one pack of coyotes. He jumped off a bridge when 8 police officers had him cornered. Ten police cars chased his through the city of Lowell. He was often 20′ from interstate I495 and crossing other big roads all the time so he was also in danger of being hit by a vehicle. He hid in four MA towns: Tewkbury, Lowell, Chelmsford, and Westford, always on the run from danger and the weather. Toward the end, there was blood in his tracks. He was also dragging a rope that had been tied around his neck and dragged on the ground.                       

His epic story was picked up by the media and he became quite famous. He was even a featured link and there have been many articles and reports about him in MA media outlets.

He was caught the morning of one of the biggest blizzards in New England and is now safe and warm here at Sunny Meadow Sanctuary! His horns were drilled and wire woven through them to hang him from a tree then slit his throat and let him slowly bleed out at the slaughterhouse. He is very thin, frightened and traumatized but we know that love and good care will do wonders. Amazingly, he is already learning to trust us here at Sunny Meadow. Everyday we tell him that only good things will happen to him from now on. He loves his barn and the does, Hannah and Chloe, who live in the stall beside him. Won’t you please make a donation to his rehab and ongoing care?