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Does: Mama Maple and Lily, and Little Patches

by Sunny Meadow

Today we let the little does, Mama Maple and Lily, and Little Patches out in the warmest part of the day. So Little Patches left the barn he was born in for the first time today. Here he is working up the courage to discover a new world: Here he is finding a patch of […]

Maple’s Little Miracle

by Sunny Meadow

7″ long and weighs a couple ounces! The most amazing thing happened! A baby was born here today (1.19.14). Turns out Maple was pregnant when we rescued her! This is her second kidding and she is only 2.5 years old. There were two babies but one was stillborn. We are still in shock. We got […]

We survived Sandy!

by Sunny Meadow

We want to thank everyone who contacted us by phone and email to see how the sanctuary fared during the storm! Your concern was greatly appreciated, especially while we work hard here to repair damage. The great news is that all the animals and barns are fine! Several trees went down—one is wedged very well […]

The kids are home; but triplets turned into quintuplets!

by Sunny Meadow

When we went to the farm to rescue the three baby goat kids Sunday as planned, there were two more babies! We simply could not leave them, even though they had already been de-horned and all our other goats are horned. They are living together happily now but we will need to see if that […]